Thank you so much for showing interest in my small business! I lived in Ballard for most of my life - born and raised in Seattle, WA. Then a few years ago my husband and I bought our first home in Lake Forest Park and got to fix it up it right away. Our Mid-Century home had the most beautiful bones and details already but needed a little tlc. A renovation had always been a dream of mine but seemed out of reach. I had SO MUCH FUN. And it came so natural to me. I was in my element. Even more, I thrived in it. I had an instinct on exactly what to do in every room of the house, most questioned the process (you’re going to paint those wooden walls white?! You’re going to paint your house black?! Are you sure you want to get rid of your linen closet for a coffee bar?! YES, YES, & YES.) when my vision came to reality everyone agreed and loved it.

Fast forward a few months and I realized that other people don’t have as much enjoyment out of the process or just get generally overwhelmed so that’s when I started my own interior design business.  This is it! This is what I’m meant to do! This is how I can help people! I can help them create a HOME.

My overall goal is to help my clients create a space they love. Somewhere they can feel comfortable and be proud of, a sanctuary that brings peace and a place of beautiful security.

I also realized not everyone can hire an interior designer. So, I also decided to make my own home products that help make a beautiful home at an attainable cost.

I’ve been crafting since I was a little kid (ask my mom – I know it drove her crazy sometimes, that was so not her thing, I don’t know where I got it). My family used to call me ‘the bag baby’ because I had to bring a hundred bags with me wherever I went, especially my Barney Bag, filled to the brim with whatever craft supplies I could possibly need. You never know when inspiration will strike a 5-year-old!

These days crafting looks more like DIY’s around my house (giant planter boxes most recently) watercolor, amateur photography, and my new found love of indigo dying.

The materials I use for cloth housewares come from 100% cotton flour sack towels & material. Or (when I can go again) fabric found at thrift stores, thoroughly cleaned, then cut and sewn in my house, hand dyed in my back yard and hung to dry out on my deck.

Looking forward to sharing my passion with you and helping you create a beautiful space. Let's connect!